Volatile substances

Volatile substances. What substances are abused? Aerosols (such as deodorants, air freshener, hairspray), nail polish or nail polish remover, glue, paint remover, shoe polish, petrol, cigarette lighter fluid. It can be called sniffing, tooting, huffing, dusting, or buzzing gas.

Volatile substances How are they taken? The substance is breathed in or if in a spray form, can be sprayed to the back of the mouth.

What do they do?  They may make you feel happy and excited. You may feel giggly and high. It is a very short-lived effect.

What are the harmful effects? They can cause dizziness, being sick (vomiting) or blackouts. They can cause hallucinations. You may become sore around the mouth or nose. They can give you headaches. They can give you problems sleeping and make you feel tired. These Volatile substances can be very dangerous. Sometimes people die instantly when they use them. They can make your heart stop. Sometimes the gas at the back of your throat can make it swell up so you can’t breathe.

Volatile substance use may be defined as the deliberate inhalation of volatile compounds to produce psychoactive effects. These compounds have few characteristics in common, other than their intoxication effects and the behavioural effects they produce. Such volatile substances are often referred to as inhalants, a term which encompasses a diverse group of psychoactive chemicals that are defined by the route of administration, rather than their mechanism of action on the central nervous system or psychoactive effects.

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