Methamphetamine other names: yaba, glass, meth, crank. The crystal form is called crystal meth or ice. Methamphetamine is a stronger form of amfetamine. 4- Furthermore, this product is another strong form of amfetamine, also called ket phet or phet ket.

How are they taken? it can be swallowed, snorted, injected or smoked. The crystal form is the strongest and most addictive.

What do they do? They cause a strong ‘high’, which lasts for 4-12 hours (longer than crack cocaine) followed by a severe ‘comedown’. Also, they may make you feel full of energy and awake. They may make you feel more aroused. They may make you less hungry.

What are the harmful effects? They can make you feel agitated, jittery, anxious, suspicious or aggressive. Moreover they increase heart rate and blood pressure, and make you more likely to have a heart attack. Furthermore they reduce your inhibitions and they make you more likely to take risks you would not usually take – for example, having sex with strangers. They can cause severe psychiatric illness, or psychosis. The effect of this can be homicidal or suicidal thoughts or behaviour. Overdose can result in death. They are very addictive.

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