Botox 100 IU Injection

Botox 100 IU Injection. We are offering botox botulinum. Top quality products for anti-wrinkles, anti-ageing, skin care etc. Also, they stop searching and check the list below and place a wholesale order from us. Also, botox vials macrolane injection snap-8 peptide restylane dysport reloxin juvederm hyaluronic acid laennec human placenta extract melsmon human placenta need human placenta injectable lypholized human placenta extract placenta human.

Botox 100IU Injection is a prescription medicine that must be administered by a healthcare professional. You must receive the exact dose of it as per the prescription. An overdose of this medicine may have serious side effects on the body.

The common side effects of Botox 100 IU Injection. Includes the following dryness in the mouth, neck pain, injection site pain, tiredness, headache, etc. It may also cause an injection site reaction (redness, pain, and swelling). This medicine may also lead to dizziness or sleepiness, so it is better to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery unless your doctor permits you to do so. The medicine can safely be used in children.

Before taking this medicine, it is important to consult your doctor if you have any ongoing medication for any underlying disease. Pregnant and breastfeeding women must inform the doctor prior to the initiation of this treatment.

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