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Product Name : Sustamed

Active Substance(s) : Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone phenylpropionate, Testosterone propionate, Testosterone decanoate

Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma

Category : Anabolic Steroids

Quantity : 5 Ampoules

Generic Names : Sustanon

Strength : 250 mg


Sustamed For Sale Online

General Information:

Sustamed (Sustanon injection) is an injectable steroid which contains testosterone esters (testosterone propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate). These are derivatives of the naturally occurring male sex hormone testosterone, which is produced by the testicles in men.


1 ml solution contains:
Active substances: 125 mg / ml 250 mg / ml
15 mg – 30 mg Testosterone propionate
30 mg – 60 mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
30 mg – 60 mg Testosterone isocaproate
Testosterone Decanoate 50 mg 100 mg

Dosage and Method of Administration:

Intramuscularly deep. The dose is determined individually depending on the patient’s indications and reactivity. Adults are usually administered intramuscularly with 1 ml of solution over 14 days 1 ml intramuscularly over 28 days to obtain the therapeutic effect. In sterility in men (azospermia): 2 ml once every 2 weeks – treatment is discontinued when painful erection occurs. Breast cancer in women: 1-2 ml every 1-2 weeks, long-term treatment.

Side Effects:

• hirsutism, gynecomastia;
• acne, oily skin, hair loss;
• sodium and water retention,
• symptoms of hypercalcemia;
• thrombophlebitis;
• nausea, cholestatic jaundice, elevated hepatic transaminases


Individuals hypersensitivity to the preparation, prostate or breast carcinoma; prostatic hyperplasia with mood disorder symptoms; nephrotic nephrotic or nephrotic phase should try to avoid using Sustamed



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